Afternoon Tea at AMBA Hotel Marble Arch, London – Review ★★★☆☆

The AMBA Hotel Marble Arch serves a decent afternoon tea in a cosy environment. Not a bad plan for a budget friendly outing.

The Savouries

The Savouries

The Sweets

The Sweets

Afternoon Tea
Amba Hotel Marble Arch, London

Overall rating: ★★★☆☆

Price: £25/person for  afternoon tea
£35 with a glass of Champagne

(excl. optional tip/service charge)

Tea refills: Yes; Food refills: No

Service: 2 to 5 pm in The Grill Restaurant

  • The AMBA Hotel Marble Arch Setting ★★

The Hotel is very modern and quite beautiful and the restaurant is comfortable with plenty of space. The modern decoration does not create a “tea room” feeling, this is a plain and simple restaurant venue.

  • The Tea & Beverage Selection ★★★

The tea selection is quite nice and the tea is nicely brewed in very cute colourful teapots. Do remember to ask for fresh cups as the staff does not provide them spontaneously.

I recommend the Sapphire Earl grey but be wary of the white tea: the pear and ginger combination is an acquired taste.

  • The  Savouries ★★

The savouries are very nice, I especially appreciate the fact that it was served on some good quality fresh bread.

The salmon tartine is especially good: the marinade is tasty and very refreshing.

  • The Scones ★

The biggest disappointment of this afternoon tea: the scones were too dry and the jam was excessively sweet.

  • The Sweets ★★

The cakes were quite pleasant but also very sweet and run-off-the-mill. Still, you can’t really go wrong with a Raspberry tart 😉

  •  The Service ★★★

Staff is courteous and efficient.

  • Conclusion & Overall Mark ★★☆☆

The AMBA hotel serves a good afternoon tea with some nice savouries and cakes. It’s nothing extraordinary but at £35 the Prosecco afternoon tea for two with afternoon tea online, it’s a steal!

At full price, this is a very decent afternoon tea, well worth its three stars but not an amazing deal either.

+: Great location
+: Delicious savouries (that bread!)
+: Good service
+: A steal with a Groupon

-: Average venue
-: Not much choice tea-wise
The scones

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