Sunday Brunch Buffet at Hotel Grand Ferdinand Vienna – Review ★★★★☆

2019 update: Went back to the Grand Ferdinand Sunday Brunch and it was as good as before. An occasion to add a video and a few other pics 🙂

Do you enjoy brunch with a view? The Hotel Grand Ferdinand Vienna is home to the “Grand Étage Restaurant” which overlooks the Ring. It’s the ideal venue on a beautiful day, as long as you bring your appetite:

Sunday Brunch Buffet at Hotel Grand Ferdinand Vienna, Austria (five-star hotel)

Overall Mark: ★★★★

Sunday Brunch buffet price: 65€/person

Beverage refills: Yes (Incl’ coffee, tea, juices..); Food refills: Yes (buffet & stations)

Every Sunday from 12:30 am to 4 pm in The Grand Étage Restaurant

The Setting ★★★★

The Grand Ferdinand is relatively new on the Viennese five-star hotel scene and you can tell that the building is recent just by looking at the façade. It’s not as impressive as other hotels but the interior is as luxurious.

The Grand Étage restaurant ★★★

The restaurant Grand Étage (literally “high/grand floor” in French) is located on the Grand Ferdinand hotel’s top floor. That view of Vienna’s skyline made my day and it’s even better on a sunny day.

Look no further if you love a venue with plenty of natural light. The feeling of overlooking Vienna also gives you a certain thrill: this city is gorgeous from top to bottom.

The Sunday brunch is very popular and there is not that much space between some of the tables; if you value privacy and silence, this brunch may not be for you.

The Grand Étage Restaurant Terrace ★★★

While it is still a bit too cold to properly enjoy the terrace, I strongly encourage you to have your welcome drink outside if the weather permits it.

The view of the city is amazing and I really wanted to take a dip in that rooftop pool of theirs.

Ronnefeldt teas & Samovar

The Hotel Grand Ferdinand Vienna Sunday Brunch

The Beverage Selection ★★

The Hot Drinks (Tea, Coffee, Chocolate & Juices)

There are 12 teas to choose from Ronnefeldt which is among the best German suppliers. You’ll have to brew the tea yourself with the Samovar, an accessory I love despite the absence of temperature control (it can be annoying for green teas).

I don’t mind brewing my own tea but I don’t understand why fresh teacups weren’t available straight at the counter. You’ll have to ask for one each time you brew a different tea and the staff can be forgetful sometimes… I guess that’s a problem for big tea drinkers such as myself so you may not even notice.

The Cold Drinks (Juices & Sparkling Wine)

Each guest is welcomed with a glass of Muskateller sparkling wine (bubbly is not free flowing). You can order bottled juice or choose from two freshly squeezed juices.

it’s a pity that there no fresh juices on offer, unlike the Sacher breakfast or the Palais Hansen brunch. I also wish the drink menu was a bit more clear: it’s not really obvious what is included with the brunch or what isn’t, though the staff will happily explain it to you.

The Savouries ★★

I’m a tough customer whenever eggs benedict ♥ are involved but these are tastiest I had in a while. I highly recommend ordering them.

There are plenty of savoury dishes on offer: soups ♥, salads, charcuterie, cheese…

The cheese counter offered a bit too few options to satisfy the Frenchman in me.

The highlight of the day is the tartare station ♥. Having a proper tartare prepared on demand by a specialist is simply heavenly!

The Cakes & Sweets ★★

Sweet-toothed guests will love this brunch. There is a great many cakes and pastries on offer, along with fresh fruits.

I love that chocolate fountain as well as the freshly prepares cakes and sweets. There are a few yoghurts to choose from, albeit not as many as in most brunches.

You may also order some fresh pancakes from the kitchen, with blueberry or maple syrup:

Service ★★★

The staff may have been a bit overwhelmed on the day of my visit. Our table occasionally ended up being clogged with used cups and dishes.

The service team is professional on the Austrian scale but falls a bit short on the five-star hotel scale, especially so if you’ve visited the Sacher beforehand.

January 2019 update: Service was much better that day, mainly thanks to our awesome waiter Apo. Below is a video of the Brunch buffet:

Conclusion & Overall Mark ★★★★

The Grand Ferdinand Vienna Sunday Brunch is brilliant: the food and beverage selection is as plentiful as it is tasty. The Grand étage restaurant offers lots of natural light as well as a fantastic view of Vienna’s third and fourth districts.

Be warned though: the Sunday brunch is often packed so you should book well ahead. Service is also a bit off this and there: the restaurant manager is very nice and welcoming but some of the service team may be forgetful, or even come across as arrogant.

It’s an amazing Sunday brunch which offers a lot more than a beautiful view of Vienna’s skyline, though I’ll admit that this was my better half’s favourite aspect 🙂

+: Great location
+: The view of Vienna

+: All-you-can-drink (alcohol-free) & All-you-can-eat
+: The eggs benedict
+: The tartare station
+: Great value for money
+: Excellent service

-: Venue can feel a bit crowded
-: Few freshly squeezed juices on offer
-: Staff was a bit overwhelmed

Official Website

Phone: +43 (0) 1 91 880 – 800


Address: Schubertring 10-12, 1010 Wien


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