Foodie & Spa weekend at the Hotel Albrecht Bratislava – Review ★★★★★

Some would say that staying in a hotel in the city you live in stupid. I beg to differ, so that’s exactly what I did for my 30th birthday: booked myself a room at the Hotel Albrecht Bratislava to enjoy the tasty food and the fantastic spa:

Full English Breakfast & Omelette

Dinner: Grilled back of lamb with shallot purée, ravioli filled with wild mushrooms and mustard sauce

Foodie & Spa weekend
Hotel Albrecht Bratislava, Slovakia (five-star hotel)

Overall Mark: ★★★★★

6-course tasting menu: 50€/person; +25€ with wine pairing
A-la-carte dinner: 50€~ for 3 courses

Double room: 100-150€ for two; Breakfast: 10€/person
Spa access for visitors: 20€/person

Breakfast: Every day from 7 am to 10:30 am; Lunch & Dinner: Daily

The Albrecht Hotel ★★★★

The Albrecht Bratislava is a boutique hotel with 12 bedrooms, a spa, a bar and a restaurant. The hotel sits on a hill on the eastern side of Bratislava, offering a great view of the castle and the Danube valley.  Unlike the big hotels located in the centre or in shopping malls, it has a unique charming atmosphere reminiscent of its past as a winery estate.

The Albrecht Spa ★★★★

The spa is the strongest aspect of this hotel: it features a fantastic pool, a sauna and a steam room. The only thing missing is separate Jacuzzi and a fitness centre. The pool itself is especially nice as it’s equipped with many fun features: massage jets, fountains, bubble, high-pressure jets, etc…

Hotel guests have unrestricted access to the spa so I recommend going a few times during opening hours (10 am to 10 pm). External guests may enjoy the spa as well provided they book in advance.

Breakfast & Dinner at Hotel Albrecht Bratislava

The Breakfast ★★★★

The Albrecht Bratislava does not serve a breakfast buffet but a high-quality breakfast offering several à-la-carte options: scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, omelette, porridge…

Allow me to recommend the Porridge with prunes, honey & nuts ♥♥. It’s as tasty as it is healthy.

Each breakfast comes with a pot Althaus tea ♥ or your choice of coffee as well a small glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

The Dinner ★★

You may order the tasting menu or separate dishes à-la-carte. The price for the 6-course tasting menu and 3 à-la-carte dishes will be roughly the same (50€/person) so it’s really up to you and what tickles your fancy.

The Amuse-Bouche & The Bread

Dinner starts with an amuse-bouche (Codfish pâté) along with some freshly baked bread served with butter and tomato pesto.

The Starters

The starters may as well be the best part of the dinner. The foie-gras literally melts in your mouth ♥♥ and that red wine sauce is so good I had to forfeit my manners and eat it with the accompanying toasts.

The Mains

It’s a bit surprising to have a creamy (or soup) in the middle of the dinner instead of an entrée but it serves as a nice transition between the starters and the mains.

The lamb ♥ is my favourite main dish and the bets piece of meat I’ve had in a long time. it was expertly paired with a Slovak red wine by the Albrecht restaurant sommelier.

The Palate Cleanser and the Dessert

A sorbet is served after the lamb and acts as a palate cleanser before the apple & chocolate brownie dessert ♥.

Service ★★★

Hana and the front office staff did a fantastic job. They will provide you with anything you need before and during your stay so expect the booking process to be as hassle-free as it gets.

The restaurant staff is courteous and efficient but the language barrier may get in the way if you’re not local.

Conclusion & Overall Mark ★★

My stay at the Hotel Albrecht Bratislava was perfect from start to finish. The rooms are cosy and modern, the spa is fantastic and both the breakfast and the dinner were beyond reproach.

It is probably one of the nicest hotels in Bratislava and your best bet if you favour a hotel with a soul instead of a big brand hotel.

+: Cosy Boutique hotel
+: The Bar & Restaurant
+: The Pool & Spa

+: Great breakfast
+: The dinner’s tasting menu
+: The FO staff
+: Great value for money

-: No fitness centre
-: Slight language barrier at the restaurant

Official Website

Official Dinner Menu

2018 5-course Tasting Menu

Phone: +4212 672 000 91


Address: Mudroňova 4237/82, 811 03 Staré Mesto


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