Breakfast & Brunch Buffet at the Hotel Sans Souci Vienna – Review ★★★★★

I had to schedule a last-minute brunch in Vienna as a couple of friends came to visit last-minute. It was too late to take them to my usual spots so I was forced to try out a new place. I wish I was always that spot-on when improvising as brunch at Hotel Sans Souci Vienna is a new favourite. I even went twice in a single month, which is why this article will feature pictures taken on two separate Sundays:

October 2020 update: Due to Covid19 restrictions, the buffets are no longer on display (except the Musli & nuts station) so everything needs to be ordered from the kitchen from the Brunch menu (all-you-can-eat).

2022 update: Price updated to 45€ per person (formerly 39€), new link menu and detailed review of all daily specials. 

Weekend Brunch / Veranda Breakfast at Hotel Sans Souci Vienna, Austria (five-star hotel)

Overall Mark: ★★★★★

Weekend brunch price: 45€/person

Beverage refills: Yes (Smoothie and Orange juice, 1 hot beverage & 1 glass of Champagne); Food refills: Yes

Breakfast: Every week from 6 am to 11 am  in the Veranda restaurant
Brunch: Every Saturday & Sunday from 11 am to 2 pm 
in the Veranda restaurant

The Setting ★★★★

In French, sans-souci means “insouciance”, as in “without worries” or “tranquil”. The Sans Souci Vienna is quite aptly named: everything about it feels relaxing and quaint, the perfect place to spend a relaxing. The hotel prides itself as the best-rated establishment in Vienna (number 1 out of 359) and guests can immediately tell that this title is very well deserved.

The hotel is located in Spittelberg (Vienna’s 7th district) which neighbours most of Vienna’s major attractions: the Museumsquartier, Hofburg Palace, the Rathaus, etc… The building itself fits the ring’s architectural style but it’s also been renovated to add a bit of a modern touch. The colour purple prevails, both inside and outside.

The brunch isn’t served here but I strongly encourage you to check out the bar: it is a magnificent room and is also happens to be one of the few hotel bars which allow smoking. Whether you enjoy this or not, it’s a great place for a fun photoshoot.

It is theoretically closed during brunch hours but the staff is very nice and we did not get told off for going in.

The Veranda Restaurant ★★★

The Sans-Souci breakfast/brunch is served in the Veranda restaurant. The venue offers plenty of space as well as lots of natural light.

The interior is quite daring and very eclectic, much like the rest of the hotel). there are various works of art from the owner’s private collection on display, as well as chairs designed by Arne Jacobson and Philippe Starck.

Guest may sit in the main room (closer to the buffet) or in one of the other two rooms for more privacy. In my experience, the venue doesn’t get too crowded so it’s quite easy to get a good table, even on weekends. Always book ahead though, as the brunch is still very popular and especially so on rainy days!


The Beverage Selection ★★★★

The brunch price includes cold drinks, one hot drink and one glass of Champagne. If you’d rather skip the Champagne, you may ask for two hot drinks instead. An extra pot of tea or coffee is 5€~.

The Hot Drinks (Tea, Coffee & Chocolate) ★★

There are 14 Ronnefeldt teas and infusions to choose from, as well as the usual selection of coffees (espresso, latte…) and hot chocolate.

This is an excellent selection of hot beverages, both for tea and coffee lovers. I would’ve loved to see a few more classic teas on offer but that’s just me being a nitpicker.

The Fine Teas Station (2020 novelty) ★★

The Veranda team recently introduced a Connoisseur tea trolley from Ronnefeldt (prices range from 8.50 to 12.50€).

I couldn’t resist and tried the New Zealand Oolong tea; I was very pleased by the taste: it’s a real Oolong and a good one at that!

The Cold Drinks (Juices & Champagne) 

October 2020 update: Due to Covid19 restrictions, the juices and smoothies are no longer on display but can be ordered at the table (several refills included in the price).

There are two/three freshly squeezed juices (orange, apple…) on offer, as well as one smoothie of the day (two variants in the pictures below. That’s a pretty solid offer too, though it’s not as good as some of the (pricier!) competition.

The brunch also comes with a glass of Laurent-Perrier Champagne. It’s not free-flowing, but that’s perfectly fine as this is a rather cheap five-star brunch: the teetotaler never really understood the point of free-flowing Champagne this early in the morning. I even skipped the one glass the first time, as I needed to be in shape for a busy afternoon. Reminder: If you’d rather skip the Champagne, you may ask for two hot drinks instead.

The Food ★★

Due to Covid19 restrictions, the buffets are no longer on display, except the Musli & nuts station. Therefore, everything needs to be ordered from the kitchen with the exception of the cold cuts, cheese, bread and fruit selection which are brought on a stand at the beginning of the brunch.

Everything is refillable but I suggest keeping the cheese and charcuterie for last, as it’s a surefire way to kill your appetite early.

The Savouries

Guests may order freshly made egg dishes straight from the kitchen: omelettes, eggs Benedict/Royale, etc… (see the classics menu on page 2).

Every à-la-carte dish we ordered was delicious, though the Eggs Benedict/Florentine always feel a bit too saucy: I always ask the staff to put the sauce in a small jug so I can dose it myself.

The Salmon & avocado toast and the Cheese-veggie quiche (first picture below) are my favourites, I recommend ordering at least both of these.

My friends loved them too; I had to stop them from ordering a third serving, as it’s best to retain your appetite for the cakes & sweets!

The Cake & Sweets

There are a few options for sweets: Yogurt, muesli, rice pudding, pancakes, as well as various cakes and pastries from the tray (2021 novelty). The mini Croissant and Chocolatine are great but I love the chocolate brownie the most.

The pancakes are still available for order and it would be a pity to miss on this piece of fluffy heaven ♥.

Daily Specialties

The daily specials are back! You may order a certain special dish depending on which day you are visiting (see specials menu on page 1).

I was lucky enough to sample each dish. For convenience, I will separately list the weekly and weekend specials since most of you will be coming on weekends.

  • Monday –  Poached egg with bell pepper & Feta cheese: this dish is similar to the Maghrebi dish “Shakshouka” and it’s pure heaven ♥ ♥
  • Tuesday – Crêpes (otherwise known as English pancakes) filled with jam ♥
  • Wednesday – Scrambled egg with spinach, Grana cheese & truffle: the best savoury special IMHO. It used to be offered on Sundays but now you’ll have to come on hump day to sample this marvel ♥♥♥
  • Thursday – Rye bread topped with avocado, radish & cress: you can feel the healthy touch put in that one vegan option. It’s tasty but I still prefer the salmon & avocado toast.
  • Friday – Hash browns croquettes topped with smoked salmon, horseradish & crème fraîche: probably the most Austrian special!
  • Saturday – French toast or “Pain Perdu” with stewed plums and pollen: my favourite special for the sweets and good reason to come on a Saturday ♥♥
  • Sunday – Egg Florentine “poached egg on whole grain bread with spinach & sauce hollandaise”: it’s good but way too similar to an egg Benedict, as it’s basically a vegetarian equivalent. It also pales in comparison to the Wednesday special, which has set the standard for us Sans Souci brunch regulars.

Click here to view the 2018-2020 specials:

The brunch itself already offers more than a man can eat in a few hours but those of you who fancy something a bit different may also order the à-la-carte weekend specialities (8 to 28€ extra). I was able to sample three of those when I came the second time:

  • “Rainbow Carrots”: Carrots with sour cream, pumpkin seed and chervil ♥♥♥
  • “Bio Beef Tartar”: Organic Beef Tartare with quail’s egg, mustard mayonnaise; served with toasted walnut bread ♥♥
  • “Austrian Lobster”: Austrian Crayfish with poached egg and baby spinach topped with hollandaise sauce

The carrots and the beef tartare were both heavenly, as pretty as they are tasty. The Austrian lobster was nice as well but a tad too similar to an egg benedict, which can already be ordered with the brunch.

Click here to look at pictures of the buffet (2018-19):

The Buffet ★★

Among the novelties are specials such as the Salmon & Avocado Toast as well as the Cheese & Veggies Quiche (see picture below). The full menu can be reviewed here.


The Savouries

The savoury selection is excellent. The vegetable quiche ♥ and the stuffed peppers  ♥♥ were heavenly. The cheese offer is a tad limited but once again, this brunch is about quality and fresh food.

The Cakes & Sweets

There are plenty of sweets to choose from, as seen in the pictures below. The star of the show would be the chocolate brownie ♥♥♥, one of the best I’ve had in ages.

Service ★★★

The staff is competent as well as friendly, “sans souci” style. We even got to bring a few of those chocolate brownies home, such small gestures really make the difference between a very good brunch and an excellent brunch.

Conclusion & Overall Mark ★★

October 2020 update: Due to Covid19 restrictions, the buffets are no longer on display (except the Musli & nuts station) so everything needs to be ordered from the kitchen from the Brunch menu (all-you-can-eat).

2022 update: Price updated to 45€ per person (formerly 39€), new link menu and detailed review of all daily specials. 

The Hotel Sans Souci Vienna is my new go-to place in the city for a good weekend brunch, offering great à-la-carte options and a fantastic buffet. Though it is not as good as it was pre-pandemic, the staff has done a marvellous job adapting it to the requirements of the time!  I’d say it’s quite likely to be the best hotel brunch in Vienna in terms of value for money.

Everything about it is perfect and priced at 45€ per person (as of 2021), it’s nothing short of a steal! If you don’t mind spending a little more, do give a try to the Connoisseurs teas as well (2020 novelty).

+: Fantastic hotel
+: The Bar & Veranda
+: The beverage selection
+: Connoisseurs teas

+: Delicious / fresh food
+: That chocolate brownie
+: The daily specialities
+: Sans Souci service
+: Fantastic value for money

-: Slightly less choice than other brunches
-: Underwhelming Sunday special (2021)

Official Website

Official Menu

Phone: +43-1-522 25 20 194


Address: Burggasse 2, 1070 Wien, Austria


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