A Most Peculiar Afternoon Tea at The Westin Hotel, Dublin – Review ★★★★★

2019 update: Prices are now 45€ and 47€, quite a tremendous increase but I assume that the quality is still the same.

The Westin Hotel Dublin serves two afternoon teas, the traditional afternoon tea (self explanatory) and the most peculiar afternoon tea (served with a Victorian Mojito Cocktail). It is the latter we will review today:

A Most Peculiar Afternoon Tea - The Westin Hotel Dublin

A Most Peculiar Afternoon Tea – The Westin Hotel Dublin

Victorian Mojito - The Westin Hotel Dublin

Victorian Mojito Cocktail – The Westin Hotel Dublin

A Most Peculiar Afternoon Tea / Gin Afternoon Tea
The Westin Hotel, Dublin

Overall rating: ★★★★★

Price: 45€/person for the Traditional afternoon tea
47€/person for the Most Peculiar afternoon tea
7€ extra for Procecco, 16€ extra for Champagne

Tea refills: Yes (traditional); Food refills: No

Service: 12 to 6 pm in The Atrium Lounge

The Westin Hotel Dublin Setting ★★★★

Located opposite of Dublin’s iconic Trinity College, the Westin Hotel is ideally located in the heart of the city centre.

The Afternoon Tea is served in The Atrium Lounge, which is filled with natural light thanks to five storey high glass ceiling. It is nice but there is something quite cold about the atrium’s walls. It’s all very bare and lacks je ne sais quoi.

The Tea & Beverage Selection ★★★

The Victorian Mojito ★★★★

The “Most Peculiar Afternoon Tea” is with a Victorian Mojito cocktail, which is served in a gorgeous limited edition Hendrick’s Gin teapot.

This Caribbean cocktail is made of Hendrick’s Gin, Lime, Mint and churned Apple Juice. The perfect afternoon tea cocktail, sweet and just alcoholic enough. The teapot is generously filled up and you’ll get 3-4 cups worth of cocktail.

Guests can also pay 5-6€ to order a pot of tea from the menu, but I cannot recommend that.

The Teas 

Guests who choose the “Traditional Afternoon Tea” can select any tea from the menu with unlimited refills.

The JING tea selection is very limited, with 10 teas and infusions. There is an excessive quantity of tea leaves considering the size of the teapots (see first picture below). The teas are not brewed at the right temperature, which makes the green and white teas taste excessively bitter. I am told this is in accordance with JING’s recommendations but this does not make it any less unforgivable.

The  Savouries ★★

However, these are the best savouries I ever had for an afternoon tea. It even surpasses the quality of The Bristol Hotel Paris savouries, that have remained unmatched thus far.

You’ll notice the savouries are on top, where the sweets normally sit. Isn’t that peculiar?;

Confit of Pork Cheek, Stilton & Honey Aioli (on a spoon) ★★★★

This is amazing: it is slightly sweet and so subtle. You’ll want to order more but no food refills unfortunately…

Prawn Cocktail filled with Charcoal on a Cone ★★

Simply brilliant! The corn adds a sweet touch to the prawns. The edible cone is much more convenient and less wasteful than a shot glass.

Spiced Roast beef, Spinach, Red Onion & Horseradish Involtine (roll) ★★

A delicious combination of ingredients yet it’s also the least original.

Oak Smoked Irish Salmon, Caviar, Cream Cheese Blini ★★

Extraordinary: The Caviar adds a little kick to what would otherwise be an ordinary blini.

Black Olive, Tomato Tapenade & Goat Cheese Dipper (in a glass pot) ★★

This mélange is heavenly. A strong taste but so good!

The Sweets ★★

No scones here, you get some delicious banana bread instead.

Honey glazed Banana Bread ★★

It is tasty and light. Overall far better than many scones I’ve had. No need to add clotted cream and jam.

Amaretti, White Chocolate & Lemon Crunch ★★

Excellent with a real crunch.

Popping Vanilla Marshmallows ★★

Soft, airy and pop pop!

Almond & Redcurrant Frangipane Tart ★★

Popcorn Panna Cotta, Toffee Porcorn Crumble ★★

A creamy panna cotta, deliciously simple.

Chocolate & Caramel Seasalt Brownie ★★

One for a sweet tooth.

The Service ★★★

Efficient and courteous. Special thanks to Ashley and Rachel who took great care of us.

Below is a video of Rachel detailing the contents of the afternoon tea:

Conclusion & Overall Mark ★★★★★

Now this “Most Peculiar Afternoon Tea” is something else indeed. The food is deliciously original, the savouries being the best I have ever eaten.

The Victorian Mojito cocktail is amazing as well BUT the tea itself is appalling. Therefore I strongly recommend to stick with the “Most Peculiar” version rather than the “Traditional”. Both the food and the beverages are noticeably better.

The “Most Peculiar Afternoon Tea” is served with a Victorian Mojito and not tea. It would be unfair to downgrade its rating based on the quality of the tea. Hence the perfect score!

+: Very good location within Dublin
+: The Victorian Mojito Cocktail
+: The best Savouries I ever had
+: Great Service
+: Excellent value for money

-: The tea, simply appalling
-: Expensive (2019 update)
-: 2 hours sitting time


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