Sunday Brunch Buffet at the Park Hyatt Vienna – Review ★★★★★

I’ve been meaning to try out the Park Hyatt Vienna Sunday brunch for ages and I finally got around to taking my Club to have a good excuse to sample it not once, but three times. Let’s have a look!

Sunday Brunch Buffet at the Park Hyatt Vienna – Review ★★★★★

Sunday brunch price: 89€/person
Buffets, à-la-carte entrées and mains, juices and hot beverages, beer, wine
extra 30€ for free-flowing Champagne

Food refills: YesBeverage refills: Yes; Alcohol refills: Yes

Service hours: Every Sunday from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm in the Bank Brasserie restaurant (3-hour-long seating time)
Summer break from July to August

The Setting ★★★★

The Park Hyatt Wien sits in the former headquarters of a bank dating back to the early 20th century, a stroll away from Herrengasse. The hotel is gorgeous and was renovated to perfection.

The Bank Brasserie & Bar ★★★

The venue is easily among Vienna’s most impressive locations, I believe the pictures below do not even render it justice. The seats are comfortable and offer plenty of privacy.


The Park Hyatt Vienna Brunch at the Bank Brasserie & Bar

The Park Hyatt Vienna brunch is among the city’s most expensive: Count 89€/person including Sparkling wine, beer, wines, tea, coffee & juices. Free-flowing Champagne is extra at 32€/person.

The Beverage Selection ★★★★

The Soft Drinks (Tea, Coffee & Chocolate) ★★

There are a few teas and infusions to choose from, as well as the usual selection of coffees (espresso, latte…) and hot chocolate. The teas are loose-leaf and of good quality, though I would’ve appreciated a more generous selection

There are six juices to choose from (grapefruit, apple, orange, multivitamin, etc…)

The Alcoholic Drinks (Juices & Alcohol)

The selection of cold drinks is actually where the brunch shines brightest. The brunch includes beer, wines and sparking wine, as well as Champagne if you are willing to pay extra.

The à-la-carte Brunch ★★

I love a brunch that combines a buffet with freshly-cooked dishes and on that front, the Park Hyatt Vienna brunch is the best in Vienna with plenty of starters and mains to choose from (see pics below)

Each à-la-carte dish was great, though the chicken was slightly too salty.

The Breakfast & Brunch Buffet ★★

This Park Hyatt brunch buffet is grandiose, both in terms of quality than in terms of presentation. The selection is the

The Savouries

The savoury selection is excellent. with several salads, spreads, and various dishes. The beef tartare is the best I have ever seen at a Viennese brunch ♥♥♥

The Cakes & Sweets

There are plenty of sweets to choose from but the star of the show would be the fresh berries and meringue trifle ♥♥♥

There are plenty of sweets to choose from, as seen in the pictures below. I missed a very promising chocolate cake by a nose but otherwise, this was perfect through and through.

Special attention has been given to the presentation, which is stunning!

Service ★★★

The staff is competent and friendly, “Hyatt style” style. Unlike other brunches, we never had to wait very long to receive our order nor did we struggle to order drinks (I’m looking at you, Palais Hansen…).

Conclusion & Overall Mark ★★

The Park Hyatt Vienna brunch at the Bank Brasserie & Bar is the best in Vienna, and the most expensive. Priced at 89€ per person without Champagne (extra 32€), it will make a significant hole in your budget but it’s worth it, provided you have the appetite for it!

+: Fantastic venue
+: The Bank brasserie ceiling
+: The beverage selection

+: Delicious/fresh food
+: That berry good trifle!
+: The items on order
+: Hyatt service
+: Fantastic value for money

-: Underwhelming tea offer
-: Expensive!


Official Website

Booking link

Phone: +43 1 227401236


Address: Bognergasse 4, 1010 Wien


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